Established on 2005 in Koplik- Malesia e Madhe, 20 km away from Shkodra, in Northern Albania, a strategic location near the sources of natural and cultivated raw materials in medicinal-aromatic herbs.

LNL HERBS represent more than 20 years of experience in the collect, processing, development and research in medicinal-aromatic herbs and natural essential oils. This expertise makes as one the market leaders in the herbs export, specially in sage, and an important partner for a large number of companies operating in EU and USA markets.


LNL HERBS has conducted increasing business activity focusing on
collection, processing and exporting of medicinal-aromatic/culinary herbs.


The company have invested in upgrading the processing technology to respond to our customers requirements and to remain in the avant-garde in this industry. The company owns a complete line with all necessary equipments to conducting the primary processing of drying, selection, cutting, sifting & trieur, metal cleaning, packaging.


The company has adequately trained personnel for herb’ processing with a workforce reaching 200 workers in high season. Our company processes an average of 700 tons/year of medicinal and aromatic/culinary herbs, mainly sage, lavender, thyme, savory, oregano, juniper blackberries etc.


LNL HERBS is one of the firsts Albanian private company to export sage with a regular annual quantity of around 500 tons/year final destination USA. Around 80 % of the sage raw material, variety officinalis/dalmate, is collected in the area of Malesia e Madhe and in other areas of the North where the nature is still virgin


The high quality of the natural raw material collected in areas in permanent and strict inspection and herbs from controlled organic crop cultivation offer ecological added value of our products. The updated technology’ processing has enabled our company to trade regularly highest quality products and to meet the buyers’ requirements in foreign markets. In this way, we have acquired a stable leadership position in the export’supply of medicinal and aromatic herbs from Albania.

Our company cares that its harvesters and collectors maintain the quality and all other properties of the herbs and do not damage the wild herbs during the harvesting, drying and storage process.

Our company has regularly received certification by an independent inspection authority.


Certificate ISO UNI - EN - ISO 22000:2005 for FOOD SAFETY
Kosher Certification from Balkan KOSHER


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LNL Herbs

Original natural herbs

Located in Koplik- Malesi e Madhe, near the Albanian Alpes, the company is close in the heart of the areas where many medicinal and aromatic herbs such as sage officinalis, cowslip,,huckleberry, lime tree, savory mountain, mother of thyme, thyme, lavandin, etc. have the highest natural valuable property or grow in wilderness.

In order to comply with the stringent standards in the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industry, LNL HERBS have already dedicated a great deal of effort to sourcing the herbs’ raw material from a large network of hundreds of individual harvesters and regional collectors, located mainly in Northern Albania, but also from the most diverse provenances of Central and South Albania.

The last decade, our company have initiated also with success and highest quality the distillation of the natural essential oils, in conventional and/or organic/bio qualities

Aromatic - Medicinal herbs wild & Cultivated

Pure & Natural essential Oils - Conventional and/or organic

Aromatic - Medicinal Herbs & Natural Essential Oils

Wild crafting or cultivated Aromatic - Medicinal Herbs